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Rooted in Sunrise

by Beth Dotson Brown

Ava Winston likes her life of routine in Lexington, Kentucky. Each day, she goes to the place she’s worked for twenty years, then returns home. On Sundays, she has dinner with her daughter, Juniper. It’s a little boring, but as Ava nears fifty-five, she deserves a bit of ease. Then a tornado blows it away. Ava is safe in the basement, but when she emerges, only one corner of her home stands. Rather than crumbling under the loss, she feels a load lifted. Maybe something beyond the familiar is calling to her. Ava seizes the opportunity to find the owner of a suitcase that landed on her lawn during the storm. Meanwhile, Juniper urges her to rebuild, Ava’s employer doesn’t want her to quit, and her ex-husband invites her back into his life. Ava must be courageous if she’s to assist two friends suffering in the tornado’s aftermath and balance what’s best for herself and for the people she loves. Rooted in Sunrise is a story of learning to change and discovering what is most important.

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