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Rise in Recovery: The Spiritual Path for Healing Addiction

by Kimberley La Farge Berlin, LCSW

What is spirituality, how do we find it, nurture it, and live it—and how do we apply it to healing from a soul-crushing disease? Alcohol and substance abuse disorders have baffled medical practitioners for centuries because addiction is more than a neurological or physical disorder; it is a malady that eats at the soul. Rise in Recovery: The Spiritual Path for Healing Addiction merges ancient wisdom with neuroscience and covers the powerful effects of using spiritual practices to heal the overall damages of addiction. While neuroscientists have proven that spiritual practices positively affect and heal brain areas, no book has taken this wisdom and applied it to treating addiction. Weaving together intimate first-person and client stories, Rise in Recovery takes a unique and proven approach that breaks through outdated ideas to bring a sea change in how we can achieve long-term recovery.

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