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What is the most satisfying result of publishing this book series?

Working with Koehler Books on the entire series and collaborating with most of the same authors. Plus, each story in the series is written by Virginia authors, with Virginia locations, and of course published by a Virginia publisher.


What was the process like for you to organize the Virginia is for Mysteries books?

I first put a call out to the previous Virginia is for Mysteries authors asking them to submit a story with a Virginia landmark, a crime, and a murder.  After receiving the stories, we had two rounds of edits which also allowed the authors to do a final read on their story. During the process, I asked each author to submit an author photo, bio, and short blurb of their story to use for promotion. The whole process was a well-oiled machine with deadlines, edits, etc.


Where do you (and the other authors) seek inspiration for the stories in these books?

Various locations. For instance, in two of the Virginia is for Mysteries books, I based my stories on the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach since I love that historical landmark. Others based their stories on Virginia graveyards, churches, amusement parks, and other locations to transport readers across Virginia’s rich landscape.


Alive or dead, who is one author you’d like to collaborate with for the Virginia is for Mysteries series?

Edgar Allan Poe. As a short story author, I would love to meet him and learn about his inspirations, writing process, and eccentric personality.  Plus, I had the wonderful opportunity to sign a Virginia is for Mysteries book at the Poe Museum for one of Poe’s descendants. It was an honor to meet a member of Poe’s family during an author signing for Virginia is for Mysteries!


As a writer, in ten years, where do you hope to be?

To keep developing my writing craft by writing short stories and novels.


What is one activity that always seems to inspire you to write?

Characters. Once I develop the characters and see their personalities come alive on each page, it feels like I know them. I am that way with reading other’s books too.


What is one piece of advice you’d offer to a young writer?

Just write. Discipline yourself to sit down and write the story. Plus, read other books in the genre you write in to help develop your craft. Also, attend writing workshops and conferences and build your author network.


If you could only pick one, what movie, book, or television show provided the most inspiration for your writing style?

Nancy Drew mysteries!



by 14 Sisters in Crime Authors

Meredith Cole – Maria Hudgins – Teresa Inge – Maggie King – May Layne – Vivian Lawry – Michael McGowan – Smita Harish Jain – Jayne Ormerod – Yvonne Saxon – Rosemary Shomaker – Fiona Quinn – Linda Thornburg – Heather Baker Weidner

Virginia Is for Mysteries is a collection of sixteen short stories set in and around the state of Virginia. All stories are written by Virginia residents with “murder” in mind. Each is a member of Sisters In Crime writers group. Each story features a Virginia landmark from the shores of Cape Henry Lighthouse to Richmond’s Old Hollywood Cemetery to Jefferson’s Monticello and transports readers across Virginia’s rich, unique, and very deadly landscape.

The idea of a themed anthology is popular in mystery writing groups and Virginia Is for Mysteries can be compared to Chesapeake CrimesFish Tales, Fish Nets, or Best New England Crime Stories


By 19 Sisters in Crime Authors

Yes, Virginia may be for lovers, but to nineteen authors Virginia is for Mysteries: Volume II. This anthology of nineteen short stories, set in and around the Commonwealth, features Virginia landmarks and locations such as Virginia Wine Country, the Poe Museum, Luray Caverns, Colonial Williamsburg, the Great Dismal Swamp, Nimrod Hall, Barter Theater, and Mill Mountain, to name a few.

The stories transport readers across the diverse backdrop of the Old Dominion to a unique and deadly landscape, filled with killers, crooks, and criminals.




Coming soon: Virginia is for Mysteries III!

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