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Club Saigon

Club Saigon

There are only two guarantees’ we get in life—a slap on the ass when we’re born and a shovel full of dirt in our face when we die. In between we just try to survive in places like Vietnam. When four members of Special Forces A-Detachment 255 (Green Berets) finish their tour in Vietnam and return to 1969 America, things don’t always go as planned. Over there at least, you knew who the enemy was, and you left a calling card on their bodies after you aced them. Jerry Andrews is a successful L.A police detective. His friend, Willy Beal, is a down-and-outer who never got over his wartime experiences and relies on booze and drugs to get him through his long dark days and nights. People start dying and Andrews discovers the connections between his past and the present. He must visit the member’s-only Club Saigon, a place he’d rather not go, to find the killer and stop the slaughter.

Pages: 410
Pub Date: 07-25-2017
Softcover: 21.95 978-1-63393-451-1
Hardcover: 31.95 978-1-63393-453-5
Ebook: 7.99 978-1-63393-452-8


The reviews are in…

Martin Robert Grossman is the author of three best-selling children's books, Oscar the Otter, The Pigs of Lake Hood, and Totems of Seldovia. In 2017 his passion for adult military fiction was realized with the publication of Club Saigon. His books have received stirring reviews in the local media in his hometown of Anchorage, and throughout, Alaska. He has been a featured writer at the Alaska Writers Conference and has been author in residence at many lodges and libraries statewide. Recently he has been the featured author in The Rock magazine. He has written articles and served as a war correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. During the Vietnam War he served with the elite 5th Special Forces (Green Berets) of the United States Army.

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