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Book Orders


Our authors may order copies of their books direct from Köehler Books. This is the cheapest way for authors to purchase their books, but these orders do not count as sales, nor do authors receive royalties on author direct orders. Authors must fill out the form below for direct orders.

Authors may also order directly from wholesalers such as 800CEORead, or even set up a direct business account with Ingram. In both cases the orders count as royalty sales. Scroll down for details.

Author Direct Orders from Koehler Books

Quantity desired

Feel free to ask for multiple quantity options so you can see the volume discounts. Minimum order is one box. We will send you a prices for all options you select, followed by a Pay Pal invoice based on the final quantity you select. You pay it with your Pay Pal account or credit card and we will place the order.

We guarantee shipment within two weeks of the placement of the order for softcover and three weeks for hardcover, so if you request a delivery prior to the two-week minimum, your order will incur rush printing and/or shipping charges.

Direct Wholesale+ Orders

These are orders that authors and individuals can make to purchase discounted books and have them count as a sale and produce royalties.

1. Go to https://800ceoread.com/
2. Find title using the upper right-hand search area
3. Determine quantity and place order

*NOTE: They will not sell your book until after your publication date

This option may or may not be cheaper than buying direct from Amazon or other online bookseller.

Retail Orders

Retailers and bookstores who already have an account with Ingram or IPS can order through iPage, your distributor, or any Ingram-friendly ordering system you already use.
Retailers and bookstores who do not have an account with Ingram may open one online, at this link: https://getstarted.ingramcontent.com/

Retailers may order direct from Koehler Books with these terms:
• 50% wholesale discount
• No returns
• Retailer pays for shipping
• Payments made up front via credit card
• Use the order form above