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Wages of Empire

by Michael J. Cooper

In the summer of 1914, sixteen-year-old Evan Sinclair yearns to escape the constraints of living with his father and leaves home to join the Great War for Civilization—a single decision that will change the course of his life. Little does he know that, despite the war raging in Europe, the true source of conflict will surface in the Middle East, since it's from Jerusalem where the German Kaiser dreams to rule as Holy Roman Emperor from a throne on the Temple Mount with dominion over Arabian oil reserves, and with an eye to promote German-Nordic racial supremacy throughout the world. Filled with real people from the pages of history such as Gertrude Bell, TE Lawrence, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Winston Churchill, Faisal bin Hussein, Chaim Weizmann as well as fictional characters, Wages of Empire follows Evan as he embarks on a journey that will bring him into the killing fields of the Western Front where he will help turn the tide of a war that is just beginning, and become part of a story that never ends. With amazing insights into the Kaiser’s hidden war and unexpected twists and turns, Wages of Empire is an exciting and fascinating read, which holds up a mirror reflecting current conflicts that impact our lives and the lives of people around the world.

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