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The Wall

by Brian Penn

It’s 2099, and the former United States now has the technology to grant its citizens a second life. But many use this as an excuse to become reckless and negligent. The corrupt government of Zion consequently seals the first-lifers inside MiddleLand and abruptly ends second-life protocol. But Zion is still granting second lives to the rich and powerful, killing MiddleLanders to do so. Asher never wanted to join the Defiance. But when his fiancée Sarai is killed and taken to the other side of the Wall to be resurrected, he has no choice. He agrees to enter Zion to take part in the annual Canonization—a contest where the victor will not only lead Zion’s third army but also be given the hand of an eminent daughter of Zion: Sarai. Reunited with his one true love, will Asher still fight for the Defiance’s cause and help America win its second civil war? Or will he become one of them, a Lazurite, living like an immortal at the expense of the innocent?

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