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The Sacrifices of Superwomen: Natural Remedies to Restore Balance

by Andrea D. Sullivan, PhD, ND, DSc

Names like “Mammy,” “Aunt Jemima,” and “Jezebel”—minimizing labels given to African American women during slavery and the Jim Crow era—needed to be supplanted. And thus, “Superwoman” was born, as a way of recognizing the strength, resilience, and determination African American women need to survive in a country like the United States of America. Superwomen sacrifice themselves for the good of the community and family. They are the financial, spiritual, and emotional support. These Superwomen do not want to ask for assistance, do not want to appear vulnerable, put their needs last, and try to fix everything—alone. There is no time to express emotion. They must be strong and succeed. The Sacrifices of Superwomen honors these women but also spells out the different choices modern African American women can make.

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