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The Musician

by Heloisa Prieto

Thomas has felt alone most of his life. His only companions are the musical creatures that he sees but others can't. Wealth, talent, charisma, good looks, and fame, conceal eighteen-year-old Thomas' lingering pain following the loss of both of his parents. His music is his bridge to the world and his favorite form of connection. A chance meeting with a group of strangers in the park leads to connections he never thought possible, and as his magical musical secret is revealed, there are those who wish to steal it from him. The wealthy Dr. Alonso and his beguiling daughter Dora trick Thomas into joining a cult from which he may never escape. It is Marlui, a young Guarani xaman and student that senses the danger surrounding Thomas, and she vows to protect him from Dr. Alonso at all costs. Can she protect Thomas long enough to rescue him or will Thomas succumb to the advances of Dora and lose not only his heart but his musical powers? Find out in this thrilling magical realism story from award-winning, bestselling author Heloisa Prieto.

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