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The Mizoquii

by Caleb Durden

Edin Carvosa is the only kid working on a starship with lawless smugglers. The ship is carrying atomic warheads to rendezvous with a cartel on a planet named Lathas. While working in the galley, Edin partakes in a conversation about the Gauntlet Tournament. On Lathas, there is an annual gladiatorial tournament where young boys fight to the death for money, pride, and automatic admission to the High Academies. After hearing about the Gauntlet, he plans to run away from the Captain and the crew when they land. But everything goes sour when a mysterious bounty hunter ambushes the operation. During the ambush, Edin flees to the capital of the planet, Kosabar, where he enlists in the tournament. But he is still tracked by unknown individuals due to his connection with the atomics. Staying alive outside the arena proves to be more challenging than staying alive inside the arena.

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