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The Faith of Jesus

by James Nash

Familiarity leads to contempt—or boredom. The Scripture readings for Sundays and major feast days are all too familiar to regular churchgoers—and for many who stopped going long ago. Yet the Gospel either changes lives or it is a waste of time. How do we uncover and recover the transforming challenges the Jesus of the Gospel puts before us? First, by asking tough questions. After all that is what Jesus did. “But you, who do you say I am?” Jesus is “true God” and God knows what will happen in the future. But Jesus is also “true man,” and is it not essential to the human condition that we can never know what the future will hold? If he knew on the cross he would soon be raised to eternal life, should we be impressed with his sacrifice? Perhaps all he had on the cross is what we would have: faith, hope and a prayer. Second, by digging deeper into the only texts we have to tell us who the God-man was. More often than not, something crucial gets lost in translation. Did Jesus really threaten us with a hell of eternal damnation? A careful reading of the biblical record reveals some surprising answers. If you are bored with the sermons you hear in church, or if you see no point in bothering to go anymore, The Faith of Jesus will offer you provocative questions--and surprising answers--for the readings of every Sunday and major feast of Year A. It is ideal for the searching individual as well as for small group discussions.

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