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by Ken Wells with Hillary Wells

Jack Cane Landry is a precocious high-school senior but his real passion is the formidable wilderness of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Swamp. This is his playground, where his old school Cajun grandfather has steeped him in the ways of the wild. His savvy lands him a weekend job as a guide for a high-end swamp-tour company. Enter Olivia FitzGerald and her philanthropist father, who fly in from New York for a holiday weekend tour. An only child—attractive, poised, world-traveled, Ivy-League bound--she grew up in a Central Park townhouse and attends the city’s best prep school. Jack, from a blue-collar Cajun family, is a plucky homeboy with zero interest in college. His sole ambition is to one day start his own swamp-tour company. Theirs is an uneasy relationship about to be sorely tested. A float plane carrying the party to a remote camp crashes--with Jack and Olivia the only apparent survivors. While Jack summons his swamp skills to plot a way to safety, will this rich city girl rise to a challenge in which the stakes are life and death? As the teens face down hunger, lethal reptiles, a prowling swamp cat, a gun-toting ne’er-do-well and weather intent on killing them, “Swamped!” wraps spellbinding adventure into an unconventional love story.

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