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See Jane Fly

by Nicole S. Kluemper, PhD

During a contested divorce, a precocious, curly-haired, five-year-old Nicole returns home from visiting her mother and recounts an incident which took place during the visit. This sparked a bitter court battle including accusations of sexual abuse, which ended with her father being awarded full custody of her. Twelve years later, Nicole asks the forensic evaluator to send her a copy of the video recordings he made as part of his assessment so many years ago. Although Nicole has since forgotten about any accusations of abuse, she seems to recall something similar to what she described back then just before viewing the videos of herself as a young child while once again being video recorded. This recalled memory turns Nicole into the subject of a morally questionable investigation by a memory researcher determined to find evidence to support her own agenda. While fighting to protect her legal right to privacy, Nicole proceeds to live out her father’s dream of becoming a Navy pilot, and follows through with her own childhood dream of becoming a psychologist as well

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