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Resurrecting St. John the Rancher

by Scott Spreier

When recently widowed Scooter James returns to his boyhood home for his annual hunting trip, all he’s looking for are a few pheasant and some peace and quiet. What he finds is an emotional journey back to his childhood, the demons he has been running from since, and the mysterious death of his mentor John, a profane old rancher – a death in which Scooter played a supporting role. The trip goes weirdly wrong when John’s skull turns up miles from where he supposedly died, and soon after, John himself plays a ghostly visit. Detours and roadblocks abound as Scooter seeks the truth about his friend. There’s Shelia Mae, John’s daughter, whom Scooter has lusted after since high school, who is seeking her own answers to her father’s death, and Sheriff Ronnie, her jealous old boyfriend who wants to take his rival down. Through it all Scooter struggles with his own guilt and regrets, including the death of his wife, failed relationships and his own mortality. In the end, however, as the truth is unraveled, Resurrecting John the Rancher becomes a story of redemption and growth – a lesson in how to live a good life and die an equally good death.

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