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by Doc Jacobs

Maddie has had enough of seeing good people stomped underfoot by the uncaring, the self-centered, the corrupt, and the flat-out evil. Why does it feel like so many bad people get away with their crimes without ever paying any consequences? In her search for answers about whether the concept of karma really exists and how the religious ideas of heaven, hell, and purgatory all work together, she meets a kindred spirit in Machelle. Together they stumble upon a world of witchcraft specifically designed to punish those who sin against the innocent. This group, known as MaCoven, recruits the girls and trains them to use their innate sense of right and wrong to dispense a powerful dose of poetic justice. Dan, an accidental witness to MaCoven’s powers, gets the opportunity to explore purgatory and watch as the coven members apply their particular brand of an eye-for-an-eye. But can karma be changed? Can evil-doers ever see the error of their ways and become good people? MaCoven takes the discussion of crime and punishment, action and consequence, and retributive justice to a different realm.

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