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Little Suns and Night Pearl

by Raindrop Li

The ten handsome, intelligent, lively young Sun princes live with their parents Sun King and Sun Queen in Sun Valley—a paradise of the universe. Thunder King, always envious of the Sun Kingdom's beautiful nature and abundance of minerals, unites with other dark forces to launch a sneak attack. After a fierce battle, the ten young Sun princes finally defeat the invaders with their unique wisdom and special talents. Following the war, a crack appears in the sky of Sun Valley, allowing the princes to peer into the Earth’s atmosphere. Amazed at all the beauty and wonders of Earth, they can’t restrain their curiosity and fly to the strange blue planet. Exhausted from their travels, the teenage suns land in a banyan tree and fall asleep—all except one. Unbeknownst to them, the tree is polluted and its toxins poison the nine brothers as they sleep, corrupting their bodies and souls and turning them into selfish, cruel beings. They roam the Earth, destroying everything in their path. At the critical juncture, Houyi, the bravest hunter on Earth, steps forward, hoping to shoot down the nine tainted suns and save Earth. Will he succeed? This tale, woven together with the story of the magical night pearl, reveals how the planet can recover, and what happens to the missing Sun prince.

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