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Keep Your Fork! Something Sweet is Coming

by Bill Kavanagh, LMFT

Keep Your Fork; Something Sweet is Coming is a step-by-step guide to navigate through the difficult events that life hands us. It is anchored with the personal experiences and professional training of the author, which have given him the knowledge, compassion, and courage to step forward in helping others. Kavanagh uses storytelling, lessons, and humor to navigate trauma. This book is an inspiring and motivating guide for anyone experiencing a challenge, whether it’s addiction, cancer, sexuality, depression, or the long-term readjustments from the global pandemic. There is always light, always hope, and always love. Use this book as a rock to hold on to until you discover them. “Now What?” is the very beginning question of a road to recovery. The beginning is “Now.” “What” is in the dessert. Creative steps are addressed so you can personally: • Begin by allowing comfort in the uncertainty • Recognize the lesson in the challenge • Discover a community of support, knowing you are not alone • Walk through anxiety, fear, and sadness • Define your personal success • Jump from the cliff, knowing there is a comfortable landing • Create joy and excitement for the future

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