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Jaguar’s Claw

by Brooks Yeager

Taz Blackwell isn’t looking for trouble. His last diplomatic mission nearly cost him his life, as well as his best shot at love on the island he calls home. But an old friend asks his help in fighting the threat of wildfire in the Brazilian Amazon, and the unwanted trouble lands right on his doorstep, in the form of a beautiful jaguar tracker whose saucy façade hides a dangerous secret and a difficult past. His new assignment will test him in ways beyond his wildest imaginings. The mysteries he encounters in the forest will change his life and try the strength of a new but rocky romance, and the enemy he makes there will return to haunt both. You won’t want to miss Jaguar’s Claw, the explosive sequel to Brooks Yeager’s prize-winning Chilly Winds, a Chincoteague Intrigue. The second chapter in the saga of our favorite swashbuckling diplomat offers all the intellectual tension and reckless adventure which captivated readers the first time out, along with the exotic locales, unique characters, and local knowledge that make Taz’s stories so entertaining, especially when set against the backdrop of one of today’s most critical environmental challenges.

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