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I Think, Therefore I May Become: Devolution or Realization, The Choice is Yours

by Mark M. Bell

We continue to destroy human life, and if we do not change we will accomplish extinction. By weaving a consistently salient message concerning our future possibilities and probabilities as a species, using an amalgam of the social, life, and physical sciences, encompassing a broad spectrum of time from the creation to the present, Mark M. Bell succeeds in describing how we have continually and must continue to strip away the unknowns and misconceptions that have bound and divided us from the emergence of “modern man” 250,000 earth years ago to our present state, in order to survive as a species. With an explanation of the necessary changes to the way we educate, parent, and choose world leadership, and an introduction of new terms such as “mindbrain,” “AUQ,” “O.T.H.,” the author moves toward an unwavering belief that we must and are capable of making the changes necessary in order to survive. You are asked to engage yourself, as you read, as to what you think and feel about the subject matter. You can then decide for yourself whether or not you will approach life, going forward, from a different perspective, and therefore a changed outlook. I Think, Therefore I May Become: devolution or realization, the choice is yours, is a plan of survival for every human being who wishes to preserve all life, and live in freedom and peace, whether on this or any other orb, far into the future.

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