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How I Found Meaning (And Humor) In Widowhood, Firehouses, & Organic Vegetables

by Marie Scott

How does one embrace life after losing a beloved spouse? Is it possible for a widowed person to live well, laugh more, and even find love again? Marie Scott’s answer is “hell yes!” In How I Found Meaning (And Humor) In Widowhood, Firehouses, & Organic Vegetables: 7 Steps to Healing After Loss this inspirational functional-medicine health coach takes you on a heartwarming and humorous journey from grief to healing to discovering new purpose. Marie shares funny stories and adventures from her thirty-year marriage to her firefighter husband, Dave, and speaks to how she healed her mind, body, and spirit after his sudden death. Now thirty pounds lighter, off all medications, and in love again, she is living proof that her 7 Steps can work for others. They are a guide on how to live healthier, reduce anxiety, increase laughter, and realize what’s possible in what she affectionately calls “Life Part 2.” Are you ready to embrace life again? Start reading. You will laugh. You may cry. But most importantly, you will begin your journey of healing.

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