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by Magali Jeger

Amsterdam, 1941. Hanna is a young Jewish woman who is eager to have a child of her own, despite the harrowing conditions the family is facing. Nine months later, Hanna and her husband, Nico, welcome their beautiful baby girl into the world. As the situation in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam is strongly deteriorating and faced with the threat of deportation, Hanna makes a heart-wrenching decision. She abandons her little girl on the corner of a sidewalk. She is then determined to make it through the war and does everything within her power to reunite with her daughter, a hope that is hard to be crushed, even when she becomes a victim of Mengele’s experiments in Auschwitz. The astonishing true story of a young mother who is faced with the agonising question: how can she survive, what will happen to the family and will Hanna ever see her daughter again?

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