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Every Other Weekend

by Anthony J. Mohr

Anthony J. Mohr’s father, Gerald Mohr, is an actor known for playing Philip Marlowe on the radio, but he slips to the Hollywood B-list thanks to the advent of television. In a bid for the stardom he enjoyed on radio, he accepts the lead in a dying television series in Sweden, where he falls for the Swedish script girl and divorces Mohr’s mother. She meets another divorcee, Stanley Dashew, who helped pioneer the credit card industry and built the machines that embossed and imprinted the BankAmericard. They marry, and in the process, Mohr gains an older stepbrother and a younger stepsister who visits every other weekend. The author comes of age when divorce was rare and viewed as shocking. He tries to find his place between two wildly different fathers. He watches his stepfather's business career rise as his biological father’s career eases downward. One weekend he’s sailing on his stepfather's fifty-eight-foot catamaran. The next, he hears his father say, “Money's tight,” and his Swedish wife tells him that they’re poor. He lives at the edges of what others regard as a dream world, a place where reality and fantasy blend, maps lead to the homes of the stars, and obstacles abound.

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