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The Essential Rules of Love: A Practical Guide to Creating a Harmonious, Healthy, and Happy Relationship

by Philip Russotti

The Essential Rules for Love distills love and relationships into their component parts, including psychological, chemical, neuroscientific, and evolutionary factors from both a functional and pragmatic approach. The book begins with an examination of what love really is—so we can keep it once we’ve found it. Each chapter explores the process of love and scrutinizes the basic influences on the development, creation, and maintenance of a strong, positive relationship. You’ll learn the emotional and psychological benefits of having a loving partnership and learn to navigate the pitfalls surrounding sex. It also provides easy-to-understand guidelines, concrete advice, and a road map on how to put the underlying philosophical, scientific, and psychological principles into action. Finally, The Essential Rules for Love explores love and death and shows how and why the strength of a powerful bond survives death. It is hard to imagine love after the death of a partner or spouse, but the lessons in this book provide the blueprint on how to achieve such a strong union.

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