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Crooked Lines

by Jenna Zark

When you part company with the life you’ve been living and have to start a new one, what do you do? While trying to sort out the answer to this question — along with the question of what being Jewish meant to her — Zark began writing. This book was born of the journey. Jenna Zark was married to the cantor of a Jewish synagogue and was trying to fit into a life she hadn’t anticipated. When her marriage fell apart, she felt completely unprepared. Because she moved from the East Coast to the Twin Cities expressly for her ex-husband’s job, most of her friends were from his synagogue. Staring down the prospect of being a single mom, Zark had to decide if and how to work with her former husband, now co-parent, to give her son a Jewish heritage. While the holidays and rituals in these pages are Jewish, the theme is universal and familiar for anyone who has ever experienced life-transforming loss. Crooked Lines is Jenna Zark’s honest and compelling story of navigating divorce, single parenthood, interfaith marriage, and losing parents while holding on to one’s humor and traditions.

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