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Chaplain’s Walk: The Spiritual Side of Medicine

by Jan Moberg

How important is the well-being of the spirit? Can its condition cause us to live longer? Die sooner? Just as clinicians care for the body, patient care often requires spiritual treatment as well. Providing realistic ways for patients, families, caregivers, hospital professionals, and even visiting clergy to process a wide range of emotions, Chaplain’s Walk addresses challenges of faith and hope. Wherever those we accompany must go mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to cope with illness, we must go as well. Chaplain’s Walk acknowledges we are all humans striving to do the best we can with situations we never anticipated facing, creating a safe place for those in distress to vent, question, and challenge the fairness of life and, if need be, even the love of their God. Illness and tragedy change our lives radically and at times suddenly. Chaplain’s Walk provides a space in time to process circumstances in a way that can strengthen and provide relief of a burden never meant to be carried alone, exploring the pain, mysteries, and miracles of the spiritual side of medicine.

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