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An Obesity of Grief

by Lynn Haraldson

Nineteen years old with an eleven-day old baby, Lynn Haraldson’s world shattered when her husband, Bruce, was killed in a tractor-train collision. Because she was young, people assumed she’d “get over it,” and she clung to the myth that one day, time would heal her pain. But unacknowledged trauma blindly informed many of her decisions, including an unplanned pregnancy and remaining in an abusive relationship. After two failed marriages, and gaining and losing more than one-hundred pounds—twice—a health scare forced her to confront her grief. Through therapy and meditation, Lynn learned to grieve Bruce, and she explored the question that had plagued her for years: How did he not hear a train? In an unexpected encounter with one, she found the answer. Those who grieve seek assurance that how they respond and cope (or don’t respond and cope) with grief rings true for others as well. An Obesity of Grief challenges the false narrative that grief has a timeline, and explores common reactions to grief, offering hope that grief and love can live side by side

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