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Alaska on our Minds

by Dr. William “Buddy” Bethea

After a life as a Navy fighter pilot, medical doctor, avid boater, and outdoorsman, William “Buddy” Bethea retired from practicing medicine in Virginia Beach, Virginia and moved to Florida. Never the porch-sitter, Bethea tapped deeply into his passion for fishing and boating cruising on the water by ordering a customized yacht able to traverse oceans. So, where to go? Buddy and his wife, Kathy, set off from California for Alaska, where they spent many week alone or with friends plying the waters of the great state. Buddy’s dispatches are a must-read for anyone contemplating similar sojourns, or for those who love high seas adventure. These beautifully written vignettes transport readers from their armchairs to stunning, and at times dangerous seas and along his return through the Panama Canal.

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