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180 Days

by Alfredo Botello

Hip young Bay Area couple Tomas Araeta and Naomi Curran are nearing their tenth year of marriage and on the cusp of adopting a child when Tomas, an aspiring star architect, has a one-afternoon stand with a client. Discovering the infidelity, Naomi files for divorce. But at the courthouse they learn that California mandates a six-month waiting period before any divorce can be finalized. So the clock is ticking: Tomas has 180 days to win Naomi back. This fraught, painful, and at times humorous and absurd undertaking will bring them in contact with a reclusive punk rock star, aloof parents, coworkers they thought they knew, forgotten friends, and themselves. On day 180, Naomi and Tomas will grapple with the question facing every couple in a serious, wonderful, flawed relationship: whether they see a future together or not.

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