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Welcome Publishizer Authors


If you are reading this, then you’re probably in the midst of crowdfunding with Publishizer. We have been working with the literary agency and its authors since 2017. In our opinion, Publishizer is the best crowdsourcing solution for book authors that we have encountered in nearly ten years of book publishing. They match authors and publishers objectively, professionally and, most important, ethically. We have found the quality of the fundraising presentations and the author manuscripts to be polished and professional.

For those reasons we welcome and encourage submissions of completed manuscripts from Publishizer authors.


Here are a few tidbits about us:

Koehler Books has published the works of more than 400 authors from throughout the United States and five continents.  We are an Indie publisher known for collaboration, coaching and mentoring debut writers, award-winning creative development, and stellar distribution through Ingram. We assist writers with marketing and publicity, working with them and professional publicists and marketing professionals to best position their books by audience and genre.

Koehler Books is about quality work and transparency. We’ve been named “outstanding publisher” by IngramSpark for our ethical and innovative approaches to book publishing. We accept and publish in nearly every literary and non-fiction genre. More importantly, our authors have won countless awards for their work. We wrote and published the POCKET GUIDE TO PUBLISHING, a book that has been downloaded over 10,000 times by emerging authors on Ingram’s website, Amazon, and elsewhere. You can download a free copy here.

We have two models of publishing: a traditional non-fee model for the highest quality work, as well as a co-publishing model that includes fees for emerging authors. We accept only manuscripts that meet out strict literary standards or those that show potential for doing so, and authors who we deem to be collaborative and a good fit for our team. Fit is an important consideration when selecting authors.

We offer two publishing paths at Koehler Books.

  1. Traditional offers are extended to the highest quality work, entrepreneurial authors with a successful campaign of pre-orders and social media outreach. Very tough criteria can be found here.
  2. Co-publishing offers are extended to high quality work with entrepreneurial authors willing to roll up their sleeves and work with our team. Our Emerging Author Program lives within our co-publishing model and is tailored to debut our new writers who have the potential of one day landing a traditional offer. Details here.

Publishizer authors receive a discount on co-publishing deals. We also offer all Publishizer authors books at cost to fulfill their crowdfunding campaigns, verses the standard 50% markup. Which means instead of paying $6.00 per book, you will pay $4.00. So if you have hundreds of fulfillment books to send, this creates a substantial savings. In addition, we provide ebooks as MOBI and EPUB files for the author to use in fulfillment of their campaign, as well as other marketing needs.


In order for us to consider your work for publication, please use our submissions page. Go here.

We will review your manuscript and get in touch to discuss your work, get to know you, your marketing plans, goals and aspirations, as well as to answer any questions you have about us and how we work.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

John Koehler & Joe Coccaro
Publisher & Executive Editor




Pocket Guide to Publishing: 100 Things Authors Should Know


“A clever and candid look under the hood of today’s publishing vehicle.” —Shari Stauch, CEO and creator of Where Writers Win

“I wish Pocket Guide had been available when I started out.” —Betsy Ashton, author of The Mad Max Mysteries, president of the Virginia Writers Club

“A real no nonsense guide for authors that cuts to the chase about publishing.” —William Hazelgrove, bestselling author of The Pitcher and twelve other books Ooh, I need this!