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Books by genre: Mystery

Woo Woo: A Cape Charles Novel
The Apple Pie Alibi
50 Shades of Cabernet
The Lost Coin
The Thousand Year Man
Grave Misgivings
Unchartered Territory
The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy
Jackson’s Rangers: The Volunteer
In The Defendant’s Chair
The Lost Reflection
Guilt Before Innocence
Misguided Justice
The Kudzu Kid
The Counterfeit Detective
Straight Pool
Carom Shot
The Covered Bet
Life on Base Quantico Cave
No Reason for Insanity
Virginia is for Mysteries II
Virginia is for Mysteries
Rode to Death
Prairie Grace
Murder in the Rockies
The Vintage Club
The Other Woman
Almost Mortal
The Traveler: Welcome to Dubai
The Traveler: No Turning Back
Mad Max: Unintended Consequences
Hatteras Moon
Secret Lives and Private Eyes
The Case of the Russian Maids
Hear the Bells
The Blitz Business