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Books by genre: Memoirs / Legacy

Loving Life
My Father Wakes Up Laughing
Without a Net
Looking for Lydia: Looking for God
Yasargil: Father of Modern Neurosurgery
Dragon Hearts: Love in China Book One
Boston’s Bloody Marathon
Messy Blessings: A Story of Hope
The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Mark Rodriguez
The Artist’s New Clothes
Once Upon A Christmas
American Sky
Dragon Hearts: Eagle in China
Perfect: Sacred Stories from the Heart of a Dad
Guerras de Lechuga
Culture Leads, Leaders Follow
Where’s Frank?
Normal to Noble
Dying to Live
The Bucket List Chronicles
Peckerwood in the Hood
Three Stars and a Crow
Mom and Me—My Journey with Mom’s Schizophrenia
Black Flag Journals
Fearful Odds: A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath