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The Last Letter: Embracing Pain to Create a Meaningful Life

The Last Letter: Embracing Pain to Create a Meaningful Life

The Last Letter is a thirty-year journey to make peace with the past. Andy was born into a family with a loving mother and a violent father. His mother was his rock, his safe place, the person he cherished most. Soon after he graduated high school, she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Plunged into a deep depression, he spent the next two decades running away from his pain. Eventually, his pain caught up with him. He was forced to confront it once and for all. What he discovered in his healing process is that suffering can be a profound source of guidance and comfort. For much of his life, sadness sabotaged and crippled him. But he learned to transform it into vulnerability and then action. With piercing clarity and refreshing honesty, Andy shares his story to inspire readers to embrace pain and surrender to reality as it is, with all the healing, love, happiness, peace, and freedom that brings.


Pages: 260
Pub Date: 09-15-2018
Softcover: 17.95 9781633937055
Hardcover: 25.95 9781633937079
Ebook: 7.99 9781633937062


The reviews are in…

"This book guides people back to true north."

Tim Shriver, former CEO Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Andy Chaleff’s work is a byproduct of his own story. He left the US at twenty to travel the world and escape his grief after his mother’s death. Today, he is a private mentor and advisor to a handful of high-profi le business leaders. Some of the clients he has helped guide to success include eMindful, InnerExplorer, SOLE, the Cleveland Municipality School District, and the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Andy’s life’s work is helping people connect with themselves and others through vulnerability and self-awareness. His mentoring style is equal parts unsettling and comforting, irreverent and compassionate. Andy’s non-profit, The Last Letter, invites individuals to share their feelings in letters to loved ones. When he is not consulting clients, he serves as the director at Amsterdam’s Welvaren Training Center.

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