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HARVEY: The Humble Foundations of a Visionary

HARVEY: The Humble Foundations of a Visionary

HARVEY LEE LINDSAY, JR. is one of the most beloved and celebrated public figures in Tidewater, Virginia. A bright anomaly in an industry often driven by the bottom line, Harvey made his name as a commercial real estate risk taker, and by taking bold civil rights stances at a time of deep racial prejudices. At times, he is a firebrand, but more often Harvey is a gentle soul who cares deeply about family, co-workers and the coastal region where he was raised. Harvey is often touted as a business visionary and credited with helping to transform downtown Norfolk into a thriving commercial hub. This account of his life was written by his granddaughter, Tricia King, who punches through Harvey’s modesty to expose the business and family patriarch so widely revered.


Pages: 222
Pub Date: 06-23-2018
Hardcover: 36.95 9781633935815


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TRICIA KING is a graduate of Washington and Lee University with a degree in English and Politics. She is one of Harvey Lindsay’s fourteen grandchildren and one of three who currently works for his brokerage company, Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate. This is her first book.

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