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  • Advanced Review Copies (ARCs)
    We expect our authors to use print and digital ARCs that we will provide to acquire endorsement quotes and reviews. The quotes and reviews can be used on the front and back cover and in the text. They establish validity and quality. We add them to the book prior to release. They are priceless. We will provide an agreed-upon number of ARCs as part of our publishing agreement. Authors may also purchase additional copies for near or under wholesale prices. Our authors typically purchase 50–100 ARCs for personal and professional use. They may sell them, but the sales do not include royalties.
  • ARC Author Purchases
    Köehler Books authors may purchase additional copies of their books at or below the wholesale price. Authors may sell those books for profit and also use them for promotional purposes. Author orders do not count towards royalties. Click here to place a book order
  • Amazon’s Author Central
    Amazon’s Author Central is a great way for you to see reviews, track sales and pay attention to your activity on Amazon.
  • Goodreads Goodreads is the Facebook for readers, a place authors want to be. You can create a profile, add your books, and even do giveaways, which Goodreads will manage and then provide you with the addresses and names of the winners. You then ask the winners to post a review of your book.
  • BookBub
    BookBub is an online service that notifies millions of readers of deeply discounted e-books. If you manage to have your book selected by BookBub for a limited-time deal, then you are afforded the incredible opportunity to expand your fan base and sell a lot of books. Upon your selection, Köehler Books will discount your e-book, so that you can run your e-book campaign.
  • NetGalley
    Kristina Radke
    This marketing and publicity service offers cultivated influencer communities; interesting, and relevant marketing promotions; and providing rich, real-time data. NetGalley is the key pre-publication marketing channel for new books.
  • Winner’s Circle
    The Köehler discount code Koehle20 gets our authors a full year’s access to resources for emerging authors, allowing them to source and pitch influencers including reviewers (vetted by genre), live book clubs, festivals, competitions and more.
  • Conventional Media
    Newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio are all viable sources for acquiring reviews. They are tougher to navigate, but the results can be spectacular. This is an area where publicists or marketing pros can be especially helpful due to their established network.
  • Hiring a Pro
    If you have the budget, you may consider hiring a professional to help you with your website, marketing, or other aspects of your promotion. Our Publishing Partners are proven vendors who are or have worked with our authors. Talk to them, along with others, and then make the call carefully as always.

Meet our publicity and design experts.

The publishing experts are vendors and companies recommended by Köehler Books for authors to consider hiring to promote, market and publicize their work. They have worked directly with some of our authors, earning those authors' trust and ours. The services they provide are optional for any author and are not offered directly by Köehler Books. The author is responsible for carefully making up their own mind, as well as any business arrangements between the author and the expert, including contracts and payments.

Affordable, custom-designed author websites, book trailers, and more.
English and Spanish.
Danielle Koehler Latorre (yes, she’s John’s daughter and much smarter!)

Marketing and publicity service offering cultivated influencer communities; interesting and relevant marketing promotions; and providing rich, real-time data. NetGalley is the key pre-publication marketing channel for new books and generates millions of pageviews per month. www.netgalley.com Kristina Radke kristina.radke@netgalley.com

Koehler Books authors have exclusive access to four different packages to get their title into Publisher’s Weekly, one of the most widely read periodicals in the publishing industry. Packages start at 1/6 page + PW Daily to Full Page ad, PW Daily and Boom Box online feature. Discounted prices through Koehler Books direct. http://www.publishersweekly.com John Koehler john@koehlerbooks.com

Author Marketing Ideas offers custom marketing plans for authors of every budget. Choose from packages or start with a la carte services. We specialize in review outreaches, video book trailers and embedded video press releases distributed via PRWeb.
Ellen Green at Ellen@authormarketingideas.com



WOW Women on Writing offers virtual book tours, social media packages, radio tours, dedicated email campaigns, banners, and custom promotions tailored to your book.

WOW Blog Tours contact: blogtour@wow-womenonwriting.com



Where Writers Win is powered by marketing guru Shari Stauch, and offers a full suite of author marketing services.
Shari Stauch, shari@writerswin.com
(843) 834-1872

Roxbury Road Creative, LLC is a Chicago-based professional management company that collaborates with partners on the development of projects in film, television, print, internet, broadcast and live programming. Ed Tracy, President etchicago@gmail.com 312-646-5444

IngramSpark is the best solution for entrepreneurial authors, and is the right choice for Koehler Books self-publishing authors.
Ingram is the world’s largest wholesaler of print and electronic books to independent bookstores, bookstore chains, internet retailers, and specialty markets, as well as other wholesalers.

Krish Media Marketing works with authors and publishers who have control over the pricing so they can run a 99 cent Kindle promotion. If this can be done, then they can analyze key words and days to run the campaign. They will then come back with a date for you to change the price of the book to 99 cents and another date for the author or publisher to change the price of the book back to original price.

This costs $499 up front.

The rest of the ranking cost is performance-based compensation:

#5 - $99 bonus

#4 - $199 bonus

#3 - $299 bonus

#2 - $399 bonus

#1 - $499 bonus

We monitor the rankings the days of the promotion and will provide screenshots of the rise.


A book marketing agency providing publicity and proven results.
Corinne Liccketto, corinne@smithpublicity.com
(856) 229-0807

Tanner Friedman helps our clients tell their stories through a multi-platform communications approach – including media relations, social media and marketing. We are experienced PR practitioners specializing in the packaging and promotion of our clients’ news, products and services, including books and authors. We are efficient, client-focused and effective. www.tannerfriedman.com Don Tanner, Co-Founder dtanner@tannerfriedman.com 248-254-6781

Penny Sansevieri is an author and recognized Amazon expert with over 17 years of book marketing experience. https://www.amarketingexpert.com and info@amarketingexpert.com. (866) 713-2318

Full service public relations agency specializing in non-fiction book publicity both domestically and internationally.
Lori Ames, President

Support Services

Emerging Authors Program

The Emerging Authors Program is designed primarily for debut or emerging writers who have the talent, but not necessarily the experience or platform, to merit a traditional publishing deal.


While the quality of your writing is the main determiner of commercial success, also important is your book design, or as the industry calls it, your package.


Our distribution is provided by Ingram, one of the biggest and best book distributors in the world. They give us—and our titles—reach.


When you submit a manuscript for publication, it will be evaluated in part on which level of editing the publisher thinks the book requires.


Köehler Books partners with authors to create comprehensive marketing programs that include conventional media, social media and other ways to build a buzz and raise awareness about your book.

Here’s our gift to you.


Pocket Guide to Publishing: 100 Things Authors Should Know

“A clever and candid look under the hood of today’s publishing vehicle.” —Shari Stauch, CEO and creator of Where Writers Win “I wish Pocket Guide had been available when I started out.” —Betsy Ashton, author of The Mad Max Mysteries, president of the Virginia Writers Club “A real no nonsense guide for authors that cuts to the chase about publishing.” —William Hazelgrove, bestselling author of The Pitcher and twelve other books Ooh, I need this!